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Queen & Slim - Build a Legacy TOGETHER

December 1, 2019

The release of the movie, Queen & Slim this Thanksgiving was highly anticipated for many - I know I was looking forward to it. It was talked up to be something of a modern day twist to the story of  Bonnie & Clyde. Of course, these two beautiful black people were not career criminals, they were a young couple out on a first date when they had an unwarranted encounter with a trigger-happy police officer and then... it got real. When I originally saw the preview, the movie, The Hate U Give immediately came to mind and I looked forward to seeing it because of the twist.

I've heard mixed reviews about this film, but I really enjoyed it. I won't spoil if for anyone though.  Instead, I want to comment about the state of the African American experience where dating and love is concerned. Watching these two people who had only known each other for a matter of hours (at most), fending for, respecting and showing love for each other in the face of the enemy... I thought about how much this is what is missing in our community. These two were on a mission-t0 survive... TOGETHER and they worked extremely hard at it. 

Everyday, ordinary couples may not have their names and pictures flashing across every screen in America and of course the average couple is not on the run for killing a cop, but the truth is that everyday couples are being attacked from every angle... everyday and therefore these same everyday couples have to be on a mission to survive... TOGETHER. There is no time to be lying, cheating and dishonoring each other. You already have to face that from the others-the outsiders...the neighbors, the jobs, the strangers in the streets... the people who want what you have or maybe don't even want it but also don't want you to have it. The people who want to destroy what you are trying to build. These people are always there... waiting, lurking, looking... Stand strong in your commitment to your partner.  There is only time for honesty, loyalty and trust in a real relationship. That is the only way to make it... that is the only way to build your legacy... like Queen & Slim did.