Be The Change 

Brenda D. Taylor is dedicated to making a difference in the world around her. Growing up in Chicago's Cabrini Green Housing project is where she realized at an early age, her passion for writing and education.  Taylor views education as a catalyst for CHANGE! Her life through education and outreach continues to impact the lives of others.  ​

"I am an overcomer." 

​-Brenda D. Taylor

Brenda with Daymond John, American business man, investor, television personality, author and speaker.

That day I went to the White House.. It was a beautiful day in March of 2016.  What a great experience!  The blueberry muffins were the best and although I was there for a professional conference... I made time for a few bathroom selfies :)  So hard to say goodbye to that green badge at the end of the day. Until we meet again, White House! -Brenda

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